Professional Counselling Services

Professional Counselling Services include immediate assistance from an independent professional counsellor (masters-level degree or higher in their discipline) and short-term support for a variety of issues.

Common issues we can help with:

  • Addiction
  • Anxiety
  • Burnout
  • Career dissatisfaction
  • Depression
  • Diet and health
  • Family or parenting
  • Financial crisis
  • Grief
  • Stress management
  • Time management

You can also call CPA Assist for advice on how to support someone who is experiencing difficult times, to learn ways to stay mentally healthy, or to get referrals to long-term resources if needed.

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Professional Counselling Services include:

Professional Counselling Services include:


CPA Assist provides every Alberta and Saskatchewan CPAs, candidate and their immediate family members* with up to four hours of direct professional counselling per year, per person and per issue, free of charge.

Access to the confidential service is not only limited to in-person sessions, but available remotely via telephone or videoconferencing.

Appointments are booked during regular office hours from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (MST), Monday through Friday. If calling outside of regular business hours, please leave a voicemail and someone will contact you as soon as possible.

Non-direct Services

Each eligible person is entitled to one hour of non-direct services, including facilitation of referrals, third-party consultations or other non-standard activities that are not provided free of charge.

Crisis Situations

In crisis situations, there is no limit on the available hours of service. Once the immediate crisis or debriefing is addressed, further access to CPA Assist can continue as per the regular coverage available.

Health and Wellness Services

Health and wellness services include nutritional counselling, health assessments/stress testing and counselling for eating disorders.

Physical Fitness Consultations

Of the four hours of counselling, up to two hours may be used for physical fitness consultations per year.

Dietary Consultations

Of the four hours of counselling, up to two hours may be used for dietary consultations per year.

*Immediate family members include spouses by marriage or common-law (same sex or opposite sex relationships) and dependent children 21 years of age or younger, or under the age 25 if enrolled full-time at a recognized school or university.