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Self-Advocacy in the Workplace

We’ve likely all had to deal with a situation that tests our ability to have difficult conversations. The overbearing boss. The coworker who never meets a deadline. The aggressive client who insists on getting more than what was agreed on. The shareholder who exerts pressure on the company to act irresponsibility or unethically. Speaking up for yourself and advocating for your own needs is becoming an increasingly important and valuable skill in day-to-day life and in the workplace.

Engaging in self-advocacy can better help you decide your goals, needs and wants and then create a better plan to achieve them. As we navigate the new demands COVID-19 has placed on us it’s even more important to be able to manage expectations to help reduce stress and avoid burnout. In order for self-advocacy to be most effective, it must be done in a calm and respectful manner. This webinar will review how you can engage in self-advocacy and put your assertiveness skills to use to enhance communication and increase the chances of your voice being heard.

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Building Relationships with Adolescents

There has been no harder time then today, in this digital world, to connect and maintain positive relationships with our teenagers!

Adolescence can be a difficult time to navigate, not just for teenagers but for parents! Some of the most important tasks of adolescence such as positive attachment, healthy differentiating from the family, discipline, and managing peers and social media will be reviewed.


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Warning Signs of Substance Abuse and Suicidal Behaviour

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