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Unlocking Happiness for a Healthy, Higher-Performing Work and Life

Can you really be both “happy” and “at work”?

Join your local Chapter of CPAs for an evening of networking, learning, and personal development. Bring your staff, clients, family or friends to this inspiring event. Enjoy a three course meal, and hear from happiness expert Jennifer Moss and cofounder of Plasticity Labs.

Job dissatisfaction, burn out, and stress are three of the most common reason employees leave their organizations. Jennifer will share her ground breaking research on the power of happiness in the workplace, and will provide audience members with practical advice to become happier, healthier, and higher-performing people both professionally and personally, including:

    • How to develop the habit of gratitude and increase overall emotional intelligence.
    • Ways to develop the traits of the most effective leaders or managers using behavioral sciences.
    • Tips to increase psychological fitness for stress management professionally and personally.
    • Saying no to work/life balance and focusing on work/life continuum instead – what does this means and how can we achieve it.

Jennifer Moss is the Cofounder of Plasticity Labs, a happiness research, technology, and consulting company. She is the bestselling and award-winning author of Unlocking Happiness at Work and a regular contributor to Harvard Business Review. As a member of the UN Global Happiness Council, Jennifer contributes to the workplace well-being chapter of the Annual Global Happiness Policy Report and speaks internationally as a thought leader in behavioral sciences. Jennifer regularly consults schools boards and universities, lawmakers, governments, and mid-sized to Fortune 500 companies on how to develop and measure their happiness strategies.

Jennifer is a recipient of the International Female Entrepreneur of the Year Award, named a Canadian Innovator of the Year and was honoured with the Public Service Award from the Office of President Obama.

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Suicide Prevention & Awareness in the Workplace

Suicide is among the ten leading causes of death in Canada. By taking the time to talk about suicide, we can raise awareness and save lives. This webinar will demystify suicide by discussing why it occurs, the risk factors associated with it, the signs to watch out for, and how to intervene with those who are suicidal or potentially suicidal. It will also cover the importance for employers to have an effective suicide response plan in place.

Presenter: Dr. Brian Forbes

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Stress Busting 101 – Part B

This webinar takes your foundational knowledge of stress management and provides you with information needed to elevate the way you currently manage your stress. Participants will explore a common cause of the stress and assess ways to enhance their ability to prevent and manage that core trigger.

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Stress Busting 101 – Part A

If you want to better understand why managing stress matters to your overall health, well-being, and success – both personal and professional, then this foundational seminar is for you! This insightful, interactive webinar explores the essential elements required to monitor and manage stress effectively. From impacts on our physical body, to the consequences of stress including its impact on how we think and relate to other people.

The participant must be logged in during the live webinar and participate when prompted. Failure to participate and respond to the prompts will result in no credit earned for the seminar as attendance will be monitored and recorded. Recordings of a live webinar will not be available after it has concluded.

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Coping with Stress and Pressure at Work

You’re constantly being asked to do more with less – get more done, achieve improved results, provide greater levels of customer service – all while your time available stays fixed and your resources dwindle. If that isn’t enough to take you over the edge, add in increased responsibilities on the home front – childcare, eldercare, household tasks – and it feels like you’re in a vice that is being tightened from day to day, week to week, month to month. If this sounds even remotely like your life, then you’ll get immense value from this program. In one fast-paced (yet particularly reflective) day, gain a greater understanding of why you respond to stress the way you do. And then, perhaps more importantly, learn specific and practical tools and skills that you can use right away to make you more mentally tough – to help you cope with and rise above the stressors and pressure in your workplace.

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De-Stress for Success

In this seminar, designed specifically for accounting and finance professionals, we will explore root causes of stress and pressure that negatively impacts our professional and personal health.
The seminar will then provide you with established tools and techniques that can be implemented immediately to help address these stressors and improve your quality of life.
The learning objectives of this workshop include:
• Identifying the root causes of stress for accounting and finance professionals
• Understanding the health consequences of “bad” stress over prolonged periods
• Applying the “De-stress for Success” toolkit
• Tailoring the “De-stress for Success” toolkit for your specific challenges

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Healthy Eating 9 to 5 Webinar

Just in time for the back-to-school rush, Emily Mardell, RD, shares solutions to common workday struggles around healthy eating including rushed mornings, brown bag blahs, mid-day slumps and commuter cravings.