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Stress Busting 101: Part A Webinar

If you want to better understand why managing stress matters  to your overall health, well-being, and success – both personal  and professional, then this foundational seminar is for you! This  insightful, interactive webinar explores the essential elements required to monitor and manage stress effectively. From impacts on our physical body, to the consequences of stress including  its impact on how we think and relate to other people.

The participant must be logged in during the live webinar and participate when prompted. Failure to participate and respond to the prompts will result in no credit earned for the seminar as attendance will be monitored and recorded. Recordings of a live webinar will not be available after it has concluded.

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Power Up! Foundations for Empowering Your Life

What do people who reach their peak potential have the ability to do… that others often struggle with? They own their full state of empowerment…gaining more confidence and resilience along the way.

If you’re interested in unlocking your peak potential, personally and professionally, then this session is for you! This foundational session for living well explores the fundamentals of how to empower our life – so we can each live our most successful life and thrive.

We’ll discuss what we mean when we refer to our ‘state of empowerment’, do a pulse check on our personal empowerment level, and explore what causes us to become disempowered and its consequences. We’ll also discover ways to build and tap into a higher level of our personal power by exploring the key principles of empowerment. And throughout the session, we’ll review various tips to focus on and traps to avoid so we can optimize our personal power… at home, at work and in life.

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Stress Busting 101: Part B Webinar

This webinar takes your  foundational knowledge of stress management and provides you with information needed  to elevate the way you currently manage your stress. Participants will explore a common cause of the stress and assess ways to enhance their ability to prevent and manage that core trigger.

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What is Your Happiness Practice

Is it possible to develop strategies that help you sustain positive energy, deep engagement, and a sense of humour and lightness? If you have been on achievement autopilot driven by goals that keep you pressing forward, but not feeling excited and alive, this seminar will show you how to get more of the satisfaction you are craving.

You will be required to complete a short quiz, also accessible via the website. Once you complete the quiz, you will be able to print a certificate of completion.

The webinar is available on demand until March 31, 2020.