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Stay Positive During a Job Search

Losing a job or looking for work in a unstable economy can be extremely stressful. Without effective coping strategies, it is easy to become discouraged, angry or even depressed. This workshop will focus on maintaining a positive outlook and increasing your resiliency (ability to bounce back after a setback) in order to limit the negative impact of stressors on your health and wellbeing. We will also explore some of the psychological components that contribute to overall happiness.

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Tame the Email Monster

Feeling caught between a clock and a hard place? You are not alone. Today’s work environment presents’ new time management challenges that can no longer be solved with traditional solutions. The end result is leaving many people feeling beat-up and burnout! One of the biggest challenges is “email overload”. Our relationship with this powerful communication tool tends to be that of master or slave. Email makes a wonderful slave but a horrible master. Email is the greatest interrupter of all time and if not controlled can fundamentally undermine your personal productivity.

Attend this webinar to learn modern techniques and strategies to better manage your time.

This webinar is presented by CPA Assist.

Learning Objectives:

·         Provide techniques and strategies on electronic communication

·         Strategize your time and writing

Who Will Benefit:

Those people who think they don’t have enough time to attend this webinar, should sign-up immediately!

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Workplace Respect

Did you know that under the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Law all employers must provide workplace harassment/violence awareness training to all employees? This violence and harassment prevention planning seminar is aligned with the 2017 and 2018 Alberta legislative updates and takes an unconventional and unique physiological look at why we behave and act in certain ways—and why it’s so difficult to change.

We will discuss the updates to the OHS Acts, required elements of your preventative plan and policy, and how ignored unprofessional behaviors lead to harassment and violence. In addition, we will discuss strategies employees, witnesses and managers can utilize to address behaviors that are observed or experienced both as a formal and informal process.

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What is Your Happiness Practice

Is it possible to develop strategies that help you sustain positive energy, deep engagement, and a sense of humour and lightness? If you have been on achievement autopilot driven by goals that keep you pressing forward, but not feeling excited and alive, this seminar will show you how to get more of the satisfaction you are craving.

You will be required to complete a short quiz, also accessible via the website. Once you complete the quiz, you will be able to print a certificate of completion.

The webinar is available on demand until March 31, 2020.